Simple wedding cake ideas- making custom bride and groom cake toppers

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Melissa Donlon, owner of thesweettoppers takes you through the process of creating one of her custom made cake toppers. In this video, you will get a glimpse as to how these unique cake toppers are created. Each one is hand crafted to your specifications to ensure that your cake topper will be like no other! These toppers are built from the ground up, starting with the hand painted, easy-to-clean base. A colorful ribbon is then added, followed by your ground covering of choice. The video goes on to show you how we add a grass-like texture to our topper bases. We then begin the process of designing and hand crafting the figures that will be representing you on your topper. From the skin tone, to the eye color, even down to the clothing: each detail is custom created by hand in order to assure that your cake topper looks just like you! This topper depicts a Christening ceremony. When completing our easy-to-use order form, you will even have the option of customizing your baby’s Christening gown. At the sweet toppers we know how important family is. That is why we also give you the option of adding additional family members to your cake toppers, so that all of your children can be included in this one of a kind work of art, and so that you can always remember this momentous event.