Wedding Cake

Assembling and Decorating the Butterfly Paradise Wedding Cake

Watch Serdar Yener as he shows you how he assembles and decorates a 5 tier wedding cake with a sugar gazebo topper and sugar butterflies.


0:30 – Introduction
6:25 – Preparing to Stack the Tiers
14:13 – Stacking the 1st & 2nd Tiers
17:57 – Placing the 3rd Tier
22:21 – Stacking the 4th Tier
27:46 – Stacking the 5th Tier
33:11 – Ribbons and Dragees
43:37 – Decorating the Cake with Roses (2nd Bouquet)
56:03 – Adding the Sugar Lace Butterflies
1:07:15 – Final Touches & Thoughts


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