Stay at home mom, entrepreneur & wife.

In this episode, we cover Leesa’s ideas on:

– How being wed is a dedication and also it takes leaving your very own means as well as not being so self-indulgent.

– When you are looking for a connection, take your time.

– How to deal with on your own

1. Spend time in on your own, and also we do not indicate appearances!

2. Additional your education and learning

3. Anything you can do to construct self-confidence and also construct self-confidence.

4. Do points to make certain structure self-confidence.

5. Locating an advisor

6. Keep energetic

7. Traveling

8. Have a good time!

9. Establish borders

– Practice what you teach.

1. Make your objectives really clear

2. Do not place your whole entire whatever around.

3. Place satisfaction apart.

4. A great deal of grownups seem like they are never ever incorrect.

5. Connect to family members

6. Require time on your own

7. Be authentic with the message you need to supply