Parenting Blahs, and Business ownership for the single mom entrepreneur


I have 2 children 18 years apart from each other- my mom was right because having one child is like having 10 children! They want all of your attention and more.

I started a business then stopped my business for 4 months then started it again due to pregnancy because I got sick During my pregnancy. I kept my clients close to me and it payed off in the long run.

So, after the birth of my son who was early delivery -born 3 months early and weighed 1 pound, a live preemie!

He is older now and Very intelligent. He has grown healthy over the years! I’m truly grateful. Since then he has picked up his appetite, so he eats well now and loves to tell Me what I should do!

Starting or already in a Business with or without children is an accomplishment! And sometimes although I love him dearly it sometimes is a pain in my ass!

However, It is a must for me to have an outlet in my life and being AN ENTREPRENEUR gives me my outlet daily. Therefore, my other baby is MY business. A business and a baby leaves no time for BS.

5 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur.

This video is My winding down from the day” “Rant” about having children and being an entrepreneur. What do you do when your child challenges you!?? Or do they?

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