Be Empowered: Life As A Mom And Entrepreneur! (aka MOMPRENEUR)

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Hi guys! I’m Candace with Be Your Own You. Our mission is to empower girls of all ages to love themselves for exactly who they are and to celebrate all the differences that make them unique.

Welcome to our Inspirational Interview Series designed to inspire, motivate, and change lives. We will be interviewing anyone and everyone who has a story/message to share! You have a voice and together we can inspire and empower others. So welcome and be empowered.

Today’s interview was with the lovey Emerald! She is a full time mommy AND an entrepreneur. We like to call it “Mompreneur!”
She shares her experience with a natural birth, life as a mom and her oily journey with Young Living! She truly is inspiring to all the other working mommas out there!

Comment below if you are a “Momprenuer!”