All of my best tips & tricks for everything you need to know on how to take a baby or toddler (1-year-old) to Walt Disney World – from food/drink to strollers to transportation (bus, flying on airplane, monorail, car seats, Minnie vans) to where to buy milk & diapers & how to protect your kid from the sun and rain! Links for specific products down below!

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T I M E S T A M P S for specific topics in the video ⤵
1:39 – Packing the Suitcase (Checked Bag)
5:15 – What’s in the Diaper Bag (Carry-On)
9:31 – Fave Travel Stroller (Lightweight & Compact)
10:06 – At the Airport (Lap Child, Showing Birth Certificate, Gate Checking Stroller)
11:43 – In the Disney Parks (Security, Play Areas, Quiet Time)
13:09 – Eating & Drinking in Disney (Groceries, Milk, Restaurants)
14:25 – Beating the Weather (Heat + Rain)
16:31 – Transportation around Disney with a baby/toddler (Boat, Bus, Monorail, Minnie Van)
17:28 – Leaving Disney (Resort Airline Check In + Magical Express Bus)

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➙➙ Some of my footage was lost, so here are a few things that weren’t shown/mentioned in the video:
1. The Magical Express is the free bus that will transport you from the Orlando International Airport to your Disney Resort – they play cartoons/videos along the way to entertain you & your family. It’s only for those staying in a Disney resort, however.
2. You can request a pack & play/crib as well as a high chair to your resort room for free. They provide you with a sheet for the pack & play as well.
3. For regular Disney buses that take you to and from your resort & the parks, you will ALWAYS have to break down the stroller and carry it on with you. This is one of the biggest reasons we invested in a more lightweight & compact stroller.
4. I ordered groceries from Amazon Prime Now (free delivery if you’re a Prime member) – this included goldfish crackers, bananas, grapes, a gallon of milk, yogurt, string cheese, diapers, etc. They will deliver it to the hotel but will leave it with the Bell Stand. You can call down and pay them to have it delivered to your room for a small charge OR go to the Bell Stand and pick it up yourself (no charge). We usually tip a few bucks for holding it for us, plus they will keep perishable items refrigerated, which is SO nice!

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