Gluten Free Thanksgiving Cake

This cake is the talk of your Holiday feast. It is great in the fall or just anytime. A wonderful pumpkin and caramel flavor.

Disclaimer: All videos are for your viewing pleasure. I hope you can make nutritional foods that can have had a positive effect on your body. These are recipes that have been good for me and my family members with Celiac Disease and multiple Autoimmune Diseases. None of my ideas constitute medical treatment or advice. All my recipes have been developed to be gluten free and to use basic ingredients. My home cooking and baking skills I have learned from my Grandma who was a Victorian Cook and my British, Irish and Scandinavian Heritage. I do not cook with ingredients that I have allergies to. If you have other food allergies you should avoid those ingredients and consult with your Physician. Every person desiring to make changes to his or her diet or lifestyle should consult with their personal physician first. In no case will Terriesha Novak or John Novak be liable for chance, accidental, special direct or indirect damages.