Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe–PART 1: Cake Mixing/Fruit Soaking | Kolkata Christmas Plum Cake at Home

The soaking of dried fruits for the Christmas cake is a bit of an event in Calcutta. With the month-long festivities of the Pujo season behind them, Calcuttans (individuals, families, and bakeries alike) gear up for the next set of celebrations—Christmas and New Year! If you go to New Market right after Kali Pujo, that’s when the shops selling ingredients for fruitcakes start getting their supplies.

Bong Eats turns one this week (on November 4)! As a celebration of the year gone by we are thrilled to share a Christmas cake recipe that we’ve been tweaking and personalising for the past seven years!

This is a Christmas cake recipe in two parts. Part 1 takes you through the process of preparing and soaking the dried fruits for the fruitcake in alcohol and Part 2 will show you how you can bake the actual cake.

So, if you’re planning on baking a cake this Christmas, go soak the dried fruits now, and join us again on December 15 for the baking instructions!
Part 2–Calcutta Christmas cake:

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